Cercidiphyllum japonicum Rotfuchs (Red Fox)

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Rotfuchs' (Red Fox) is also known as the Katsura Tree. It features heart shaped deep purple leaves that are purple-red when young, purple-flushed and mid green in summer, turning yellow, orange and red in autumn. They are scented, reminscent of burnt sugar or candyfloss.

Small red flowers may be produced in spring on more mature plants.

This low maintenance, non-evergreen tree forms a narrow, upright shape which would add architectural interest to beds and borders, lovely for the cottage or informal garden, a woodland area or as a free standing specimen preferably planted in full sun or partial shade.

'Rotfuchs' means 'Red Fox' in German.

'Rotfuchs (Red Fox)' in a 5L pot
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