Clematis koreana Dark Secret

Clematis Dark Secret

Clematis koreana 'Dark Secret' is a spring-flowering clematis featuring pendulous dark purple flowers - similar to 'Candleglow' but darker and more mysterious.

Creamy edged margins on the tepals offset the green pinnate leaves.

Attractive seed heads remain on the plant after the flowers have finished.

Clematis koreana 'Dark Secret' was raised by Vince and Sylvia Denny of England. It was named and introduced in 1999 by John Richards of John Richards Nurseries Ltd, Colwall, England.

Similar or related varieties

How to grow

No pruning is required.

Dark Secret characteristics


  • Flowering time: Spring
  • Attractive features: Attractive flowers Seed heads / pods
  • Useful for: Screening
  • Gardening skill: Beginner
  • Flowering duration: Long
  • Height after 10 years: 2.5m-3.5m / 8ft-12ft
  • Growth rate: Average
  • Growth habit: Climbing
  • Spread after 10 years: Less than 1m / 3ft
  • Light requirement: Prefers full sun Some shade
  • Pruning: No need to prune


  • Cold hardiness (RHS): H4 (to -10C)
  • Cold hardiness (USDA): (8) 10F / -12C


  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Period of origin: 1950 - 1999
  • Flower colour: Purple
  • Flowering month: April May
  • Flower form: Single flower (5-8 petals)
  • Leaf colour: Green
  • Leaf colour - young: Green
  • Annual cycle: Deciduous