Plant guarantee

When you buy your plant from Pippin Plants we guarantee it for the first season in your garden whilst it gets established. If it doesn't grow successfully, we'll either replace it the following season or offer a refund - subject to some conditions

Areas covered

Our replacement guarantee only applies to plants supplied to retail customers in the mainland of the United Kingdom. All other areas are currently excluded.


You must tell us as soon as the problem arises, this really is essential. Most problems arise soon after planting, and can usually be resolved then.

The guarantee covers the first growing season after planting. If your plant dies in its second or third growing seasons after planting, we will offer a discount on the price of a replacement or similar item.

The guarantee does not apply to subsequent plants, since successive failures may indicate a local problem at your planting location. Similarly, if several plants of the same type die in the same way at the same time we will review possible causes with you.

It does not cover damage by animals or insect pests, or accidental damage such as that caused by strimmers or weedkillers.

It does not cover damage or loss of the plant as a result of diseases in your local area.

You must make sure that your planting area is suitable for the plants you have chosen, the soil conditions are within normal ranges of pH and salinity, and the species is suitable for your climate and local disease pressures. Contact us in advance of ordering if you have any questions in this regard.

We do expect you to take reasonable care in planting and looking after the plant. However we understand that sometimes a new plant just doesn't grow, no matter how careful you are.

We might not always have the same variety and format to offer an exact replacement, if so we will suggest a similar plant or a refund. We also reserve the right to offer a full refund rather than a replacement.


So, if my plant doesn't look happy what should I do?

Contact us as soon as you notice a problem. Time really is of the essence and the sooner you let us know the more chance there is to put things right, especially in the spring when new plants should be getting established. Do not wait until the end of the season to tell us about a problem that your first noticed in the spring or summer, as this may invalidate our guarantee - we would much rather have a false alarm than be told too late.

Send us photos showing the entire plant (including the soil).

Even if you just want some reassurance, or have concerns about the way the plant is growing, do please get in touch.


Final words

We want you to be successful in growing your new plants. We offer our guarantee because we are confident in the quality of the plants we supply, and in the advice and information we provide to help you plant and nurture them to maturity. However young plants are surprisingly robust and it is actually very rare for a plant to fail to establish.